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Are you looking for something to watch? In Part 2 of our streaming recommendations we are going to list a few great Amazon Series. Warning Spoilers to follow.

Almost everyone today has a streaming service if not more than one. If you are Amazon Prime customer you have access to hundreds if not thousands of shows and movies included with your Prime membership.

Spoiler Alert – Spoilers Below

We thought it would be great to share our favorite Amazon series with our 2 cents about them.   Did we miss any?


Amazon Prime Video Vikings


* Warning – Some shows may upset some viewers*
*Beware – May contain spoilers*

Amazon Series:


The Americans
What was it like being a Russian Spy during the cold war trying to raise an American family? Tip, a pretty open relationship was part of it.

Boardwalk Empire
Umm, It’s like the Sopranos in the 20’s.

Downton Abbey
Rich people upstairs, Maid and Butlers downstairs.

Hand of God
Absolute power corrupts absolutely but God steps in or he’s just crazy.

Cannibalism with a side of elegance. People eating people because… hey why not.

Artificial Humans are creepy and when you put people in the mix it just gets strange.

Roque U.S. Marshal employing his style or justice by causing problems for everyone involved.

Mr. Robot
Cyber-security engineer by day but hacker by night. To protect or destroy?

The Man in the High Castle
The axis powers have won the war, now the East coast is under Nazi rule while the West is under the Japanese. Great plot, gets a little sci-fi weird though.

The Sopranos
No your cable didn’t cut out, that’s just the horrible ending! If I was going to use my imagination I wouldn’t have bothered watching the show. Otherwise a great series.

Red Oaks
This is the 80’s after high school. Pretty much a spinoff of the Wonder Years, less PG though, as they enter the real world.

The smartest guy in the room did but didn’t go to Harvard and now, because the errors of his ways, the firm he works for is crumbling around him.

Moving on up, moving on up. No longer Elaine from Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is now Vice President of the United States.

Ragnar & Lagertha just get back together already!

Under The Dome
Small town, smaller dome and butterflies. Meet Barbie, just not the Barbie you are thinking of.

The Wire
Bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?


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