The Benefits To Using Every Door Direct Mail For Marketing Your Business

What Is The Every Door Direct Mail Marketing Program?

The Every Door Direct Mail program, abbreviated EDDM, is a mail marketing program offered by the United States Postal Service with reduced postal rates. In this program, the United States Postal Service will deliver printed postcards to every address along selected routes. This program has size requirements such as length and thickness specified by the United States Postal Service but a printer, such as Bay State Envelope, can walk you through these requirements.

What Can It Do For You?

Every Door Direct Mail has many advantages. Before the USPS offered the EDDM program, businesses would have to research locations where a potential customer might live. This process would take time and money. Targeting a specific neighborhood also proved challenging and time consuming as you had to know the addresses in the neighborhood to get a postcard delivered.

Every Door Direct Mail solves all of these challenges and allows you to focus on your print marketing and content. Not having to research every address or potential customer will save you time and money better spent on your marketing campaign. The United States Postal Service offers highly competitive rates for the EDDM. Rates start as low as $0.175 and can even be as low as $0.154 per mailpiece under certain circumstances.

What Are Some Ways To Utilize The Every Door Direct Mail Program To Earn Business?

Like all marketing it is important to make sure your design is eye catching. Despite the belief print marketing is out of date, it is still highly effective and by far not out of date. Most people are so used to online and TV marketing that marketing through print is actually more effective.

Try to make your postcard as targeted as possible. For example if you are a high end Real Estate firm in downtown Boston that caters to middle and upper class residents, then you want to target high income neighborhoods throughout Boston and Boston suburbs. It would not make sense to target low income neighborhoods or other cities in Massachusetts.

Another example, if you are a karate school for kids you want to target locations that have families with children. Targeting apartment complexes with lots of single people or young couples would be a waste of time. Using this targeted tactic with Every Door Direct Mail will maximize the potential for new customers, while keeping expenses to a minimum.

Keep in mind when using print for marketing persistence pays off. Sometimes potential customers will throw out your postcards. However, if you constantly send them special offers, chances are that they will have a look at what you offer. Mixing up your marketing material is also another way of catching people’s attention. Don’t send the same postcards over and over again. Make them different and make them unique each time. Create different offers. For example during the holidays offer holiday sales or discounts to attract customers.

What To Take Away From The EDDM Program

Every Door Direct Mail can be used very effectively to boost sales and obtain new customers. It can also save you money and precious time. Use a targeted approach for maximum effectiveness. Don’t forget to mix up your print design and message as well. Using these tips, you can save hundreds of dollars in marketing costs and earn thousands of extra dollars.

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