Mail Fulfillment/Storage

For those customers lacking sufficient storage space and/or proper ventilation, Bay State Envelope offers climate controlled warehousing at a nominal fee. Professional drivers will deliver these envelopes to customers across New England in company owned trucks. Your delivery date is important and Bay State Envelope maintains complete control of the order until it reaches your dock.

By outsourcing some of your mailing inventory needs to us you can:

• Decrease your operating costs
• Decrease your staffing costs
• Minimize ruined envelope stock due to high humidity in your facility
• More effectively manage future demands
• Experience a higher level of personnel productivity
• Assure a consistent quality of mailing materials and printed goods


Why let Bay State manage your Mailing Inventory?

What is your company’s expertise? Most likely it does not involve inventory control of envelopes and printed products. You probably haven’t invested tens of thousands of dollars maintaining a warehouse that stays cool and dry throughout the humid summers of New England.

We know how problematic humidity-damaged envelopes can be for a mailhouse. It slows down their operation and costs you money.By letting Bay State Envelope control the inventory, your envelopes will be delivered on time and in good condition so you can redirect your personnel and capital where it is most profitable; your business.


Kit Assembly

Bay State Envelope provides a vast array of kitting and assembly services to meet your needs. From sales and marketing kits to boxing, bagging or sorting, we have the equipment and the skilled warehouse team to handle the job efficiently and cost effectively.

Following the production of your kit components, we can assemble all of the components into a kit and then fulfill those kits to a distribution list. Our kit assembly services include simple kits — where a few items are placed in a bag or box — complex kits that include several components to be placed in custom die-cut boxes with trays, custom inserts, wafer seals, custom wrapping. If you dream it, our kit production and assembly services can make it happen!