Print Marketing – Knowing the Advantages

We live in a digital world and almost everything goes digital these days. Most businesses take advantage of the internet for free or cheap marketing. This puts Print in a difficult position. We, however, can’t forget the importance of traditional marketing that has helped businesses grow for centuries. Marketing shouldn’t focus just on a single channel whether that be digital or traditional, like print. If we spend too much effort on a single marketing channel, we lose potential customers and won’t get maximum ROI.


Puzzle Pieces Basic Insight of Printed Marketing

With the overabundance issue in online marketing, we must take advantage of both digital and print marketing. A great campaign should include different types of marketing to gain maxim potential. Neglecting a marketing channel will reduce exposure. Even though the internet has taken over most of the aspects of our life, the physical world still exists. There are many customers who still prefer print. Print instills trust in a business. People want to know the physical address, real contact number, and other tangible information for reassurance.

Ignoring that fact will mean losing customers, potential customers and market share. Customers won’t be distracted by competitors and other popups like what they experience online. There are many competitors’ and brands on the internet that distract potential customers. Competition in online marketing is high and to most, a burden.
To put it simply, both printed and online marketing campaigns are important. We need to make use of both of them to boost sales and impressions. Create an eye catching design that represents our brand and follow that across all marketing channels. It must be recognizable and memorable. We can put it on printed or online material.

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The Advantages of Printed Marketing

Print is more reliable and trustworthy when compared to online marketing. People keep printed media longer and hesitate before discarding. More than 60% of business to business marketers use print to maintain loyalty. There is a resurgence in retro so more customers are into print. Even though digital media has taken over our life, a traditional marketing campaign is something unique and different. It’s the rebirth of marketing.

Print marketing can help target customers so products can be promoted in a more efficient and effective way. We are able to target customers based on location, interests, occupation, and many other factors. With that information we can advertise accordingly. The best part of is the high rate of retention. The information is visible in a single glance and able to be retained for future use and reference.

There is a misconception that printed marketing causes damage to the environment. They want to make their business seem eco-friendly by insisting on being paper and print free. This is wrong and a poor marketing strategy!

Paper and print don’t cause environmental damage like digital does. The carbon footprint of print is smaller when compared to digital. The energy and precious non-renewable resources required to produce digital equipment far exceeds that of paper and print. We have contributed to the increase of carbon and environmentally damaging practices with the use of electronics and the false belief digital is better for the environment. We need to recognize the benefits of using a renewable resource such as paper and environmentally friendly marketing such as print that uses eco-friendly materials.


The question is how print survives evolves with the competition of digital in this modern era. This is an important component in our industry. The result will be perfect if we embrace digital and print combining both  to enhance marketing as a whole.