Print Marketing is Quality Marketing

Facts not mythsIn the digital age we live in it is easy for us to think that printing is a thing of the past. Many businesses have turned to online marketing in hopes of gaining traction. Some have put print marketing on the back burner when really it is something that can put your business as a front runner in your industry.

Here are some reasons why print is still the best marketing tool:

1.     It can be hard for a small business to get noticed online because there is more competition with marketing using social media, emails and digital ads. With business print sent to their mailboxes, you are more likely to get noticed. In fact, 73% of consumers still prefer print advertising in traditional mail according to a International Communications Research survey.

2.     Ever noticed how it is more meaningful to get a letter in the mail than an email? It is a fact that people tend to respond and gravitate towards things that are novel to them. The same premise of novelty works with marketing.

3.     Printing services for marketing has an average lower cost per impression with just $0.002 CPI compared to the $0.0025 CPI of online marketing.

4.     According to a Direct Marketing Association study, for every $1 spent on on-demand print marketing, there is about $12.57 to be made in sales in various industries.

5.     Print solutions can be used for a more personalized marketing approach like numbered coupons, special birthday cards for valued clients and even QR coded business cards.

6.     Print marketing stays up much longer than online marketing. Anyone who has worked with social media and online marketing know that an ad or message can get lost in the many posts within a matter of minutes if not seconds. In contrast, print can stay up for months for more people to see.

7.     We guide youThere is more room for creativity with print marketing. Contrary to popular belief that print marketing is all about the posters and flyers, there are now more ways to promote a business using print. It could be shirts, stickers, pillows, mugs, pens – all of which can be used as promotional gift items.

8.     Printing companies now offer online ordering which means you can save on time and costs to get your print on-demand and at your doorstep.

9.     Online marketing entails a combination of email marketing (i.e. bulk emails), social media marketing, search engine optimization, latent semantic indexing, and a knowledge of online traffic to really get the best results. Print marketing in itself is an age-old trusted technique that entails good material to be printed on, a good printing company and good people to distribute it and you’ll be fine.

10.     Print marketing reaches out to a wider demographic. You need to have a marketing plan that reaches a greater audience. Some people spend more time with print media than online media and they tend to have bigger spending power too.