The Best of Netflix

Are you looking for something to watch? Warning Spoilers to follow.

Like many people, we watch the most popular shows making Mondays tough. It’s always who’s watching what, what episode are you on, did you watch last night? People start talking, someones says they’re not caught up but tell me anyways. Then it goes something like, hold the door, holda door, Holdor and now it’s spoiled for everyone.

Spoiler Alert – Spoilers Below

Most of us also have streaming services such as Netflix. We thought it would be great to share our favorite Netflix series with our 2 cents about them.   Did we miss any?

Netflix Streaming House of Cards

* Warning – Some shows may upset some viewers*
*Beware – May contain spoilers*


Netflix Series:

American Horror Story
Every season is new in this thrilling, often odd, horror series. We all have a favorite season but disagree on the worst, even disagreeing with ourselves.

Bates Motel
Norman Bates, you are a little twisted.

Better Call Saul
Prequel spin off to Breaking Bad, this is the life of Slippen Jimmy and we all know a Slippen Jimmy.

Still confused at episode 12. Friday Night Lights anyone? What’s happening again?

Breaking Bad
Walter White who? You mean Heisenberg.

Burn Notice
When life as a spy is over, you get burned. You now get to do odd jobs to make money all while trying to stay alive.

The secret life of your local electronic shop guru when all the governments secrets are locked inside his brain.

We all think we could get away with it. Don’t fool yourself, you can’t.

Ohhh how far you have fallen Jack Carter aka Mr. Maytag. Good family show for those with slightly older children.

Outer space meets wild west. This was canceled too early. Watch the movie for a little closure.

A bunch of young adults hanging out being friends having some laughs.

Fuller House
The show could be better but for reminiscing it works, I guess. Wow Uncle Jessie!

Bringing out all the Batman villains while indulging to your inner child. A little intense for actual children.

A pill popping arrogant but always right doctor solves the most complex cases. It’s not lupus. No, it’s a tic bite!

High Profits
Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s legal.

House of Cards
Netflix’s Exclusive Jewel. Is this Hollywood or a work of fiction not-so-subtly inspired by a true President.

Life in the US after being attacked by a foreign government. Fighting amongst ourselves.

Jessica Jones
Drunk super strong woman fighting villains. Not for children.

When your NY mob boss snitches and goes into witness protection in a cold foreign country this is what you get. Hope you don’t mind subtitles.

Great series that everyone was talking about a few years back but the ending will leave you Lost. Plane ride anyone?

Mad Men
Was this how your office was? Does anyone have a cigarette (*We do not condone smoking but apparently it was a thing back in the 60’s*).

Magic City
The darker, sexier, grittier side of 1950’s Miami. Mobsters, gangsters, dealers and more.

Making A Murderer
The documentary that everyone is asking how, why and really.

The Munster’s
It’s Halloween everyday as we watch Herman Munster throw temper tantrums when he doesn’t get his way. And who’s the normal one?

Once Upon a Time
All your favorite fairytale characters come to life. We are still waiting on the fairytale ending. Where’s Bambi?

Orange Is the New Black
Another Netflix Exclusive Jewel. The show may be cool but prison probably isn’t.

Peaky Blinders
Razorblades in hats. Meet the gangster of the early 1900’s.

Prison Break
The first map tattoo covered body what is going on now hit show. It’s good, all good.

A pretend psychic solves crimes in southern California.

Royal Pains
The life of a concierge doctor in the Hamptons. Money can buy you medicine to fix your ailments but not your snootiest.

Secrets that need to stay secrets, call Olivia Pope and her team aka “gladiators in suits”.

Follow along life at Sacred Heart Hospital with tacky, but in a good way, humor.

A modern detective show starring an arrogant Sherlock.

Sons of Anarchy
The Soprano’s biker style. Even if you don’t ride, this show will still have you holding on.

Stranger Things
The Wonder Years and Goonies meets X-Files. Don’t go upside down!

Two brothers fight the supernatural. More modern Buffy. Easy to follow and the brothers make this appealing to the eye.

The Glades
Another episode another body and by the end a cocky detective has solved the mystery.

The Lizzie Borden Chronicles
Not sure how factually accurate.

The Walking Dead
They’re not called zombies. If you don’t know the show, we can’t help you.

Warehouse 13
A warehouse full of supernatural objects and the shenanigans you get into with them. Good family show for those with slightly older children.

West Wing
House of Cards before House of Cards. Is this a more accurate depiction of how the White House runs?

White Collar
When a charismatic con artist turns informer for the FBI he struggles to break his con artist ways. We all wish we were this charming.

The Wonder Years
Was growing up in the 60’s and 70’ really this awesome? Wish we could go back to a simpler way of life.

The X-Files
We all know the truth is out there. I would argue someone we already know is not of this world.

Z- Nation
Do you like zombies? Do corny sci-fi show interest you? This is worth a try. It’s so bad it’s good.


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