Insane (But True) Things About Print Marketing

Print MarketingThe new era offers many opportunities to thriving businesses across the globe. The globalization of products and services makes it all to easy for the buyers to purchase the things they want and need. However, not all businesses are assured the same success. What is crucial is the marketing and promotion of the business.

Today, established and new businesses can utilize both digital and print marketing to maximize their exposure. Printing may sound obsolete but that can’t be farther from the truth. There is still demand for print and in a digital world it stands out.

Facts About Print Marketing

–     There are buyers who prefer printed ads. Printed ads are more sticky because of their physical nature than web-based ads. Potential buyers can have all the time they need to read it and take time to evaluate the products or services.

–     Non-annoying. Unlike digital, where advertisements are designed to just pop-out, printed ads are designed to please the eye and be unobtrusive. It has a balance and harmony about it.

–     Around 80% of readers do not click banner ads. Readers have learned and are more conscious about clicking banner ads. Clicking digital ads means a delay to their web browsing plans.

–     Print is Timeless. Having your ads printed (brochures, leaflets, postcards, etc.,) is accessible at any time of the day. People can always go back to the printed piece to check a contact number, an offer or anything.

–     The competition is weak. Everyone wants to have exposure online and all the ads are leaning that way leaving printing marketing competition low. Maximizing print also paves the way to more clients who prefer the traditional advertisement.

–     Quick Response code – printed ads can have a QR code that can be read on a smartphone, and the buyers can be directed to a site right away. The fusion of traditional marketing and modern technology allows the reader to lessen their time looking for discounts and other promos.


Printing for businesses is not dead. It is very much alive. The demand for print marketing may not be as high as the digital medium, but it has retained its appeal to customers. To reach a larger audience, find the right balance. Maximize as many channels as you can to reach potential customers.