How Print Brings Marketing Value

Customers EasyThe communication highway has significantly changed with the internet and social media becoming the “in” things of today. The majority of businesses have migrated their marketing to the virtual world. By doing so, their products and services are made known to millions of people with just a click.

This leaves printing services out of the picture or on the verge of extinction? Not exactly. Print is still essential for every business, online or offline and here’s why. It brings more value to every marketing effort. It brings more credibility to any business. It is not intrusive. Print is NOT likely to go away, just like radio or television as earlier predicted.

Print is more tangible than the web. Magazines, newspapers, leaflets, brochures and other print material are long-lasting. The medium can stay around the house and in the office long. Well-conceptualized and designed prints can catch more attention without regard to time.

Secondly, it is more credible than web advertisement. Pop-ups, running ads, junk email are annoying and can easily be blocked by the viewer.  Print marketing are not a intrusive to the reader. The presentation is clear and direct; it does not contain any hidden messages, unlike web advertisement, where some banner ads even have a virus.

Thirdly, print ads may cost less. Now, that everyone is into web-based advertisement, fewer prints are done. Directly, the cost of the printed materials can be less costly, adding value to the business.  Further, when there are less printed ads, this can be an opportunity for the advertisement to be top of the list because the competition is less.

Fourth, printed marketing materials are more engaging. Although, the form of the advertisement is flat and static, it can grab people’s attention, more than advertisement made for the web. At most, people spare less than 10 seconds to look at the ads online, and then proceed to the next site. In printed ads, depending on how creative the work is; it can hold people’s attention for longer.

Measure your learningFinally, on-demand print commands greater branding. Readers can easily distinguish the kind of fonts, designs, and other creative pieces in the ads because they read it and see the whole piece. There is no need to click, simply look through the print ads.

Although ad traffic and marketing dollars are heading towards online platforms, this does not mean that prints are gone for good.

Exploring viable print solutions ensures business profitability and growth maximizing to the fullest.