Our Certifications

Biodegradable Window Film

Our window film is comprised of materials that are biodegradable and will break down completely in a landfill. Examples are glassine, PLA and cellulose acetate films and clear wood pulp products.

Green-e Certified

Green-e is the most widely recognized renewable energy certification program and when we use Green-e certified paper or envelopes we contribute to the minimization of greenhouse gasses. Wind power is perhaps the safest and fastest growing form of renewable energy and provides a tangible method that manufacturers and distributors can use to help reduce the introduction of carbon dioxide into the environment.

Use of these products is a way to support paper and envelope companies that have made the financial commitment to use renewable energy and reduce pollutants.

The Green-e logo may only be printed onto a paper or envelope product that has been designated as a Green-e certified product by its manufacturer.