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We Are Green

“Any truly successful company is measured by the positive impact it leaves on the community and people it serves.”

Bay State Envelope has always been concerned with their “Carbon Footprint” and its’ impact on the environment. For years, we have been recognized for our commitment to the following “Green Operation Principles”:

• We recycle all unused and scrap paper
• Our Ink Doser machine reduces ink waste by 80%
• Our facilities and vehicles use energy efficient lighting and fuels
• We print on a high percentage of recycled paper products
• We choose eco-friendly vendors and suppliers


Air Filtration

Our facility utilizes state-of-the-art “Pollution Fighters” by Northern Air Corporation. The basic concept of this air filtration system is to establish a closed loop recirculation of airflow above the plant floor and machinery. Air discharged from each unit is directed to catch rising contaminants and blow them toward the capture zone of the next unit. Moving air at such velocity creates a negative air pressure above the working area which forces contaminated air from below to move up into the contaminant capture zone.