Ink Doser

Our Halm Industries Color Creator Ink Doser automatically doses spot colors to make mixing ink a faster, cleaner job, while ensuring standardization of corporate colors and reprints. The doser uses up to 15 base colors and will digitally extrude spot colors from 2 g to 2.5 kg in minutes.

While our clients rely on us to maintain a superior standard of customer service, turn time and craftsmanship, the ink doser allows us to reduce costs by shortening setup times and managing color more effectively…in short, we can be faster and less expensive while improving the color consistency of our printed products.


Positive Environmental Impact

In our pursuit of an environmentally-friendly workplace, one of the reasons we invested in the ink doser was to minimize the wasted and disposed ink that we were managing. Our former ink storage area represented an environmental risk due to large quantities of old inks, container leakage potential and cleanup chemicals that had to be on hand. We eliminated all of these issues and improved the quality of our products at the same time.


Positive Economic Gain

The ink doser measures colors precisely, so that mixing colors becomes a faster, cleaner job. Cost savings are realized in time, ink, paper, storage space and waste disposal.

Manual mixing wastes a significant proportion of your expensive ink. Cleaning up is a tedious, unproductive and time-consuming chore. The wasted ink – and cleaning solvents – are harmful to the environment. With the doser, the ink goes exactly where it should go and nowhere else. The advanced compressed-air system extracts virtually every drop of ink from the tin. Leaving it so clean that you can dispose of it as normal refuse.