A Successful Direct Mail Campaign

A simple postcard, with a simple message, sent to a highly targeted list.

Over the past year and a half, Bay State Envelope has been doing bi-weekly mailings for a technology customer who builds custom websites for their clients.

The cost on the cards is roughly $.95 per card (includes print, fulfillment and postage).

This customer’s return on investment (ROI) for the postcard campaign equaled out to $30 per card in new business generated!

So you think direct mail is ineffective? This is a proven example that direct mail can be used as a very effective tool to attain new business.


Want a successful mail campaign like this?  Follow these simple rules.

1.   Use a highly targeted list with high value prospects.

2.   Keep it simple but informative.

3.   Be persistent. Provide multiple touches by sending multiple postcards, but be cautious not to overwhelm.

4.   Use a real stamp to convey a more personal touch.

5.   Give the campaign time to succeed.

6.   and lastly contact Bay State Envelope to ensure your next direct mail campaign is a success.

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