5 Ways to Improve Your Design for Print

Fuzzy Ruler 1 1/16Surprise, We Are Printers and you’re probably a Professional Designer, Hobby Designer, or Business Owner trying to increase business. Well I hate to say it but your design may look great on your screen but that doesn’t always translate well to ink on paper. You may have put a nice little border that looks great when properly centered but most printers have a margin of error of around 1/16 of an inch. Now that border is not square or being cut off completely. We all do our best to make the piece look as awesome as you would expect but there are some things you can do to Improve Your Design for Print!


Eliminate your desire tight borders or graphics close to the edge. Like previously mentioned there is a margin of error of around 1/16 of an inch. We have become very good at almost eliminating this but it can still be a problem. When designing, it is best to keep objects away from the edge. Adding extra finishing options like rounded corners exacerbates this.

Word and Power Point are not design programs and your printed art will suffer if used. You should use a design program like InDesign or Illustrator if able. We can still print from non-design programs but again, the final piece will look less stellar than it looks on your computer screen.

Looking good on the web or a computer screen does not translate to good for print. An image pulled off a website usually has been sized for optimum delivery over the internet. Resolution, color and many other factors make these images no good for print. Always use original photos and images when possible. The more hi-resolution an image is the better it will look printed. This helps prevent images not looking as crisp as on your screen once on paper.

Avoid muting colors by choosing the best color palettes based on paper or the right paper based on color palette. Uncoated paper/stock causes a muted color while Coated paper will have a more vibrant look.

Protect your printed piece once printed. Adding a UV coat will give your print a shine while also protecting the piece from scratching and scuffing.